Attitude is Altitude



Part-A (Attitude Is Altitude)

Answer the following questions.

1. 'I call it my chicken drumstick,' joked Nick. What does 'it' refer to? How does it help him?
Answer. It refers to the small foot on his left hip. It helps him balance and enables him to kick.

2. What do you mean by 'right girl/boy' to marry?
Answer. The' right boy or girl' to marry means the right person who would not be attracted to the external appearance but would look at the inner being and live with his or her life partner till the last breath.

3. 'His parents decided not to send him to a special school.' Was Nick happy about his parents' decision? Why or why not? What do you think about this decision?
Answer.  No, Nick was not happy about his parents' decision because he was teased by the other students. This decision was the best decision because it gave him Independence and made him dare enough to face the real world.

4. How did Nick's parents help him to become independent?
Answer.Nick's mother invented a special plastic device that meant he could hold a pen and pencil.His father taught him to swim when he was just eighteen months old and taught him how to type when he was just six years old. They joined him in the mainstream school to make him independent.

5. Pick out the symptoms of Nick's depression. Do you think his depression was normal or something unique about him? Give reasons for your opinion.
Answer.Nick was deeply depressed when he was eight years old and told his mother that he wanted to kill himself and at age ten he tried to drown himself in the bath. His depression was normal because it is very tough to live a life without the limbs
6. Which incident in this text is funny? What makes it funny?
Answer. Once when Nick was at the traffic lights,a girl was looking at him interestingly. Nick did a 360 degree spin in the car seat to freak her out. She sped off immediately. This incident in the text is funny. The girl getting shocked and fleeing away makes it funny.

7. What made Nick choose Bethany Hamilton as his teacher to learn surfing? 
Answer. As Bethany Hamilton had also lost her arm,Nick felt that she could understand the feelings and limitations of a physically challenged person like him and teach him accordingly. Thus he chose Bethany as his teacher to learn surfing.

 8. Which aspect of Nick's physical condition helps him to do a 360 degree spin? 
Answer. As Nick has a low centre of gravity he can do the 360 degree spin.
9. What are the distinct features of this text? List them.
Answer. The distinct features of this text are -

1. This text is a biography of an extremely courageous person who shares real life experience to strengthen everyone.

2 It creates a sense of optimism and helps us come with new problem solving skills. 3 It creates an idea never to compare ourselves with others.

10. What do you learn from the life of Nick Vujicic?
Answer. We learn from the life of Nick that the challenges in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions and not there to run over .We even learn to be thankful for what we have and not to get angry about what we don't have.

11. Do you think disability is an obstacle to achieve success in life? Substantiate your argument citing evidences from Nick Vujicic's biographical account 'Attitude is Altitude.'
Answer. No, disability is not an obstacle to achieve success in life. Though Nick is disabled
he wants to use his life to inspire others. He gives motivational speeches and builds hope in others. He swims and surfs and plays golf and football and is world famous because of his 360 degree spin on a Surf board.