Are you looking for website for students it right website to get your top 5 websites for students and usually website for students to clarify the questions and answers 

In this article I will suggest some top 5 websites for students and which is useful to the students and get them solutions and useful for while studying


Website for the students very  useful to the students and make them easy to study and which you make you Study will and save your precious time the following are the points that are useful 

  • Save Your Time 
  • Easy to study
  • Focus on studys
  • Get your solutions 

Paid or Free 

In this website you should not  take any subscription and and all free and you  should not pay one rupee on this website and it's free of cost 

The following and are the website for students 

  •  100L5
  • Wormhole
  • Text To Handwriting


100L5 in this website All online tools   in box  in this website 7  category in this 7 category there are sub divided and in this website tools category are like text tools and image tools and css tools , coding tools, colour tools social media tool and etc in this website text tools are subdivided case converter and letter count and text to handwriting and also Multiple white space remover and etc and image tools are sub divided are image filter and image croper image resizer and etc in this website many tools are available for students which help the students in his assignments 

SWAYAM is  government websites in this website which the government provides education videos and courses free and which help learn the coding and many courses are available in this website also give the learners certificate and in this website high educated teachers are available to teach the students and from this website which provide certificate of school and post graduation 


Wormhole which provides transfer of files in easy way and which upload 10GB file and which is best option to upload the file in this website many features comes with file upload and the file are encrypted and safe and the website  which is comes simple ui  interface and the students send the notes and study material and upload videos in this website and which  make  the students easy to upload 

Text to handwriting 

Text to handwriting in this website we can  convert text to handwriting and which comes with many fonts and paper size which useful to students to complete them assignment this website which comes simple ui interface and and we change the style of paper and we download the image and make print of the notes which is useful to students