how to earn money online for students


Are you looking for how to earn money while studying this right article to earn money while studying 


  • Video Editing
  • Graphic designer
  • Website
  • Script writer
  • Notes preparing
  • Ebook 

How can you get work !

You should have talent you can earn money if you know video editing you can work with YouTubers and also in freelancer if you know graphic designing and you can  earn money by making mascot gaming logo and making streaming pack 

YouTube vs Freelancer

You can earn from two ways that from YouTube and freelancer and if you have 2 - 3 years experience of Adobe premiere pro  you can work with YouTubers and if you know mobile editing with kinemaster and you can with them and if you want work without YouTubers and you can choose freelancer and you have  many  freelancing websites  if you  want choose work with YouTubers or freelancer which you have comfort you choose 

How to Earn money from website 

There are two ways to create website one is blogger and other is WordPress. In blogger you should not buy  top domain like com and in etc and in WordPress we should buy hosting and top domain. In WordPress have lot of customisation and in blogger we can change theme style. In blogger get AdSense approval with . If  you want to start free website you can choose blogger and if you want more features you should move to WordPress In blogger we earn money from writing unique articles and indexing your posts in Google console