TS Intermediate Exam Schedule Released by the Government

TS inter exam schedule released by the Telangana education board
The Ts inter theory exam scheduled to begin from February 28  and end on 19 March 2034
The practical examination for Both General and vocational courses shall be conducted from 01-02-2024 to 15-02-2024  included second Saturday and Sundays 
Time table for theory examination for general courses for 1 year examination is from 28 - 02 - 2024 to 18 - 03- 2024 Monday 
The second language is conducted on the Wednesday 28-01- 2024 and the English language is conducted on 01-03-2024 Friday and the mathematics Paper - 1A/ botany History on 04-03-2024 and mathematics Paper - 1B/Zoology/History on Wednesday and physics and economics on 11-03-2024 on Monday and Chemistry/ Commerce paper -1 on 13-03-2024 on Wednesday 
Timing from 9:00 a.m. to 12 noon
For the second year three examinations for general courses start from the 29th February to 19th March
The second language paper is conducted 29-02-2024 on Thursday and the English paper is conducted 02-03-2024on the Saturday and the mathematics paper - 2A  botany /political science on 07-03-2024 Tuesday and mathematics paper - 2B/zoology paper /History paper on 7-03-2024 on Thursday and the physical physics paper/ economics paper on 12-03-2024 Tuesday and chemistry paper and commerce paper on 14 -03-2024

For 1st year examination one day is one day is given for preparation for English and two days gap for preparation for maths/ zoology/political science and one day gap for maths /zoology/History and 4 daysgap for preparation for next subject for physics paper economics paper and one day gap for preparation for chemistry, commerce paper
The second year theory examination start from 29-02- 2024 one late from 1st year examination
The English exam is conducted on 02 and 2 days is gap is given for the preparation of mathematics paper botany political science and 2 days gap between preparation for mathematics papers only history and four days cab fund a preparation of physics and economics and one day preparation for chemistry, commerce 
the intermediate board given some important infection for the students